Why are we Gluten Free?

As a company, we take the health of individuals very seriously. Some people are ok to eat Gluten. Some people have a gluten intolerance that spans from not feeling quite right when they eat gluten all the way through to being a person who has to live with Coeliac Disease.

There are many foods on the market that do not state that they are Gluten Free as there are a lot of people that believe that if the product is Gluten Free then it must be missing something? Of course this is not the case, it is free of Gluten. Secondly, the laws in Australia are very tight when it comes to Gluten Free testing.

At Henking Foods, we test every batch to ensure that we are delivering a Gluten Free product that remains Gluten Free. How do we test? Well, there are many Food testing laboratories around  Australia and provided that the testing body is NATA approved, we provide samples to that lab and they will test for us. Some labs have machinery that detect down to zero and other machinery that detects to such small levels, that it is declared the Gluten is Not Detectable (ND). We have to test down to less than 5 parts per million for Gluten to be ND.

However, this is not the main reason we want our products to be Gluten Free. We choose to be Gluten Free because Rice is a world staple food and Rice is naturally Gluten free. Our rice noodle is air dried and naturally Gluten free and tastes great. The texture of the noodle is strong and it does not easily fall apart when in hot water. This takes a long time. The recommended time is 4 minutes in hot water prior to eating to get the textural experience right.

So, if our rice noodle is Gluten free, then why stop there? Freeze dried Chicken and beef are naturally Gluten Free so that leaves the FD vegetables (also Gluten free) and the seasoning. It is in the seasoning where we have to make sure that Gluten is ND so we carefully select the finest ingredients available to ensure the taste  is there without the Gluten!

Happy eating...